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Message from the President

Representative Director: Hiromichi Kawase


Born in Kumamoto prefecture

・ Hobbies: Golf, drinking communication, driving, hot springs, travel / special skills: Magic (you can do a little magic trick)

Maneuvering small boats and airplanes (holding a license)


In 1991, Kumamoto Techno Research Park was established as a base for regional revitalization by attracting companies.

We have founded our office building "Techno Laboratory".

With the desire to make Kumamoto a more vibrant city,

We would like to contribute to community development by proposing a comfortable office environment to companies inside and outside the prefecture.

The Techno Laboratory Building, which is designed, managed and operated by our company, is

We value "care-grilling and noisy " for tenant companies.

It's not just a relationship between a management company and a tenant

An office building like a Nagaya where you can feel free to consult with "Mr. Kawase in case of trouble"

I have made it so far. We value the connection between people and help the tenant company's business.

I will do my best to make you feel at home.

First of all, please feel free to visit us. You can see the refreshing greenery during the day and the setting sun over the Ariake Sea in the evening.


By the way, do you like golf?

There is a golf course next to this building, so it is an irresistible location for golf lovers.

Favorite word collection  -A collection of favorite words from the representative, Kawase.


Virtue is not alone (there is no one who has virtue). Virtue is also a business.

Virtue is not something that you can accumulate by yourself, but something that you can accumulate from others.


Boys, be ambitious

Youth, have ambitions. It must not be for money or selfishness, nor for the empty thing of fame to call. Have the ambition to accomplish everything that human beings must have.
(Boys, be ambitious not for money or for selfish aggrandizement, not for that evanescent thing which men call fame. Be ambitious for that attrainment of all that a man ought to be.)


Go Yui Ashichi

Those who know that it is enough are rich, even if they are poor. Those who do not know enough are poor, even if they are rich.
(Those who know that it is enough are quite Confucius)


Mental and physical

One mind and one body. Bridging the mind and body → breathing. (Concept of oriental medicine)



First abandon yourself. Call, suck. "Haku" comes first.


First from me

Give and Take. Hold on and hold. thank you. good morning. I'm sorry.


If you think about it, it will bloom

Information is equal. You can't grasp it unless you think about it. Opportunities are also equal. It depends on the strength of your mind.


Flowers bloom for each person and each flower

Each person is baptized by each flower.


Favorite mechanism

Do you like people Do you hate it? It is decided by. First of all, if you like yourself, the other person will also like you.


Useless useful

What is it useless and what is it useful for? → Awareness → Change of thinking and flexibility


People grow by meeting

The importance of encounters more than effort → Awareness


Harm with profit

For whom? Benefits for society? Interest for national interest?

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